BMW Powered Bimota BB2

Again, the all exciting EICMA bring us with so many news about great new bikes that we can expect in the future whether it is a near or a distance future. Adding to the list of all these new cool stuff is Bimota’s new big boys toy. The Bimota BB2 which houses the power plant right off the successful BMW venture in the world of superbikes, the S1000RR.

Undoubtedly, the Bimota name is somewhat very uncommon to the Malaysian market. Not just because of the exotic name and stature of the brand, but also because of it’s usually “overly cheap” price. Let’s take an example for a price yeah, well the one that we can see from an advertisement somewhere in the net is priced easily at USD60,000 and that people if converted directly to MYR is around RM184,000 and that is not without our lovely taxes and stuff.

Well, let’s just say the new Bimota won’t be any cheaper either. The BB2 which will be coming to it’s fans soon (hopefully as no confirmation yet from Bimota) will be having all the technical specs that you will expect from a Bimota. Ohlins suspension, Brembo brakes and so on which in case you didn’t know there are too much technical specs that are just awesome on one bike. The BB2 will also have a new chassis design and a whole new swingarm for the sake of something better.

From the looks of it, what more can you ask from the exotic Italian firm in terms of design as it has always been the daring designer mixed with some artistic point of view and maybe some physics explanation sprinkled all over the design just to prove the point. In the other word, it is just utter madness for a bike design. Some people might like it while others may find it too ugly to look at but still curious deep down inside to know more about it. We think that is one great successful way to market a bike.

As for now, all we can do is like always just wait and see what will be happening in the upcoming time whether it will ever be produced or not. Stay tune with us in Malaysian Riders for more news similar to this and probably something better. Please LIKE our FACEBOOK PAGE and SUBSCRIBE to our YOUTUBE CHANNEL and get the latest updates easily without the hassle to remember our website address and so on.

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