WSB Provisional 2013 Calender is out

image credited to MCN
image credited to MCN

The calendar is out and Malaysia is not on the list of the world superbikes championship and this is somewhat expected from the premium production racing championship. Although we can’t be really sure why WSB is not coming back to Malaysia since it was here before in the 90’s held in Pasir Gudang’s track. The fans of the superbike series in Malaysia is just as strong as the MotoGP and Formula 1 fans from our point of view.

We are now hoping that the famous superbike series will get here in Malaysia to spread the love of the sports in the region of South East Asia and maybe, just maybe that it can open up new possibility for our local young riders to be part of the sport. The domination of the European in the sport is undoubtedly clear for anyone to see and we think it is time for the sport to be diversified even in term of the race calendar.

Now we are not sure whether the discussion between SIC and WSBK series is something that had been done before or not. But we are sure that the rumors of the series coming to our shore has been discussed all over the web and some even predict the series will be coming to Malaysia in 2012, sadly the prediction wasn’t coming to a reality. As the provisional calendar has been released and according to our source, the series will be having some new addition to the calendar including the newly built Indian circuit.

image credited to Motorcycle dot Com
image credited to Motorcycle dot Com

Whatever it is, we are still hoping some arrangement can be done between SIC and the organizer of the championship to get the series here in our shore. Stay tune with us for more updates in the future and please do LIKE and SUBSCRIBE our FACEBOOK PAGE and our YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

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