Me Gusta with MV Agusta

Me Gusta


Nothing wrong about being excited with the brand that we are going to discuss today, MV Agusta the once Malaysian owned or partly owned firm has been a very minimalist in appearing into our market. Yes the name is surely great and yes the market are well aware of it but be honest, how often on a very good day you will see one in action. Well maybe if you sit quietly around the area like Genting or Kuala Klawang you will see one but talking about seeing it on a normal day. We’d say the chance to see a Ferrari is much more higher than seeing one of MV Agusta on the road.

Well we are not saying that there are none of them here in Malaysia, as a matter of fact there are quite plenty of them but it’s just that we tend to missed their existence as they were probably cruising at an exceptionally remarkable speed and being ridden by some of Malaysia’s greatest riders and not just “pelesit”.


Malaysian Riders are currently very active in trying to get one for us to film and sharing it to all our awesome followers, fans and fellow bikers friends. Because we do understand, not everyone are as fortunate as others and some of us might not get the chance to ride one. But we are guessing, instead of just dreaming of riding one or googling all over the net for the photo or even youtubing the brand and see some western media testing out the bike. Why not we do something about it for our region and proper one at it.

MV Agusta Rivale 800
MV Agusta Rivale 800

One of the distributor of the brand like CHEAR MOTOR is one of the local dealer that we can try to contact and get some help to present about this bike. But hey, we do need some factual support and why not all of you log on to Facebook and LIKE our FACEBOOK PAGE and show your love by voting on the poll given. With that, please do SUBSCRIBE to our YOUTUBE CHANNEL to get ready for the MV AGUSTA film from us Malaysian Riders.

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