Malaysian Riders and 2013


The year of 2012 is coming to an end and a whole new chapter for us in Malaysian Riders is about to come. 2013 will be the year where we will be pushing our organization into a new era of online media presentation towards our audience. But instead of staying behind the scene almost everyday, we would like to have some user engagement with all of our audience. This is one of the target for 2013 which is to join as much events as possible that we can further interact with our audiences.

Apart from that, we will be introducing a whole new segment under the brand of Malaysian Riders. The new segment will be starting point for us to cater all motor heads in Malaysia and hopefully in South East Asia. Why are we targeting these markets are simple, because we know that our markets are somewhat similar and much more relevant to be discussed about rather than our counterparts in Europe, Japan and America. Therefore, we are looking forward to further promote ourselves as an online show that can be informational and entertaining all at the same time.


The 2013 is surely the year where we will be focusing in increasing the quality of our presentation and we are hoping the new presentation style will be much more appealing towards all audiences. Two new contents are currently in pre-production and these two are just something that even our production crew are very excited at. For that, please stay tune with us in Malaysian Riders and LIKE our FACEBOOK PAGE and SUBSCRIBE our YOUTUBE CHANNEL to get all the latest updates.

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