Aprilia RS4: Tested and Enjoyed


We were very lucky recently to get the chance in enjoying the Aprilia RS4 125 owned by a dearly acquaintance of ours for a while. In Europe, this might not be the most impressive bike or special bike at all. But here in Malaysia, to see one on the road is actually quite a rare sight and even rare than it’s bigger brother the RSV4.

So for this, our test rider will get the chance to test out the bike for a day and see if he can figure out what to say and share his thoughts on the relevancy of the bike on the road of Malaysia. The Aprilia RS4 125 is priced at around RM30,000 on the road and that people is for the 124.8cc liquid cooled single cylinder with 4 valves engine. Some people might find this absurd but it is the truth and that is the price for one of this baby Italian machine.

For our counterparts in Europe, their regulation for age restricted license may require some of them to actually enjoy a bike of this range and for that we really think that it doesn’t really matter for them to buy one. Coming into Malaysia, the taxes and some other extra stuff made this bike gets the most impossible selling point ever which is only referring to it’s gorgeous looks.


Please watch our review film to find out more about this bike and see how it performs in action and hear the rare sound of the tiny engine made. Please do LIKE our FACEBOOK PAGE and SUBSCRIBE to our YOUTUBE CHANNEL to get the latest updates from Malaysian Riders quicker than anybody else on the planet.

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