BMW Recalling S1000RR

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As the year is coming to the end and new year is coming, everyone seems to be getting busy to prepare for the new year or is it? BMW recently spokes about recalling their S1000RR bikes made from September 2011 up to December 2012 for a small defect coming off from the factory. As the bike was assembled totally from Germany, therefore the affect may be worldwide. But for now, we haven’t really heard of such call up from local dealers.

The recall was associated with the defect with the manufacturing of the sidestand as it is to be said may loosen through time and vibration. Therefore, the case of a sudden fall of the bike might occur but then again we haven’t really heard of such case. If it ever happens, man the owner is some unlucky person. BMW will not charge their customer for the sidestand change as it won’t be fair for them to really charge their own defects. photo photo

We are not sure whether this will take affect in Malaysia or not but if there is anything that an owner of the S1000RR here in Malaysia wants to know. They are encouraged to call local BMW dealers and speak to them about this. For now, please do LIKE our FACEBOOK PAGE and SUBSCRIBE to our YOUTUBE CHANNEL to get more updates easily in the future.

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