Going Off Road


It has always been our dream to go onto an off road adventure on two wheels and capture it on film to expose it to our audience. The scene of MX Motorcycles in Malaysia is such a rare sight for an everyday people and riders. That is not really a problem as we will try to to make an episode of adventure riding on dirt to really show what Malaysia has got to offer. The big question now is whether there will be any of our viewers out there that are interested in joining us this time around.

image credited to MCN
image credited to MCN

There are lots of track or shall we say it as route that we can explore here in Malaysia and there is no problem for us to not be able to at least try to have fun with it. The scene of off road motorcycling in Malaysia has been growing since ever and yet we couldn’t quite catch a glimpse of the action in a high quality TV show or even on the internet.

The big question now is whether we will be using our own bike or some manufacturers provided bike that we can explore with. Kawasaki, Honda are some of the big names that has been quite established in Malaysia with their off road machine and even our local brand such as Demak may have something to offer. This will be a great opportunity for us to go further deep into the market of scrambler or off road machinery that are available for us Malaysian.

image credtied to dtmbikers
image credtied to dtmbikers

This will certainly be an episode of Malaysian Riders for this 2013 season and we will bring it like always in High Definition and we will try to improve our presentation skill for the new season. Stay tune with us for more updates and get it easily by clicking LIKE on our FACEBOOK PAGE and SUBSCRIBE to our YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

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