Harley Pre-Owned Center


15th of January marks the day for Harley Davidson Malaysia in pushing their brand further into the local Malaysian market with their pre-owned program. This will help the brand to make it appearance in the local market with a much more significant presence. The event which was officiated by the NAZA Two Wheels big guns was a sweet and simple event and really enough in helping us in the motorcycling industry to really understand the purpose of the launch.


An owner of a Harley pre-owned bike was also presented with a mock key at the event with the President of HOG Malaysia overseeing the evolving of it’s Harley Bikers community. The step in introducing the pre-owned program is not the first of it’s kind in Malaysia, NAZA’s Ferrari cars has been using such program in order to increase their presence in Malaysian market. This is surely a positively proven program to be used by Harley Davidson Malaysia to increase their strength in number of sales to be made this year.

We can also expect that the Two Wheels Division of NAZA to be introducing such program to it’s other brands like the APRILIA, DUCATI and maybe also the VESPA. All we have to do now is just wait and let them introduce their plan one by one. From the writing desk of Malaysian Riders, we are all very excited to see what else that we will be seeing this year as we are looking to be part of almost every event possible to bring all of our audience a different perspective of latest news that will be shared by all our media comrades in the future.


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