Malaysian Riders News Show


After a long break from our filming on motoring shows and reviews,
we will be coming back on Youtube with a NEWS show in which our
presenters and some guest will be appearing to discuss on some
local and international news. Yes, the show will be related to
automotive news that are currently being discussed and should be
relevant to our interest.

The show which will be introduced in the coming week of January
will unveil some of the new things in Malaysian Riders for 2013.
This is all part of our commitment in improving our show relevant
to our interest in becoming one of the most reliable source of
motoring news and shows for all our audience. The introduction of
Malaysian Riders News show will be hosted by our own test rider
and Creative Director Muhammad Rashidi along with some of featured


So what can be expected from the first News show of Malaysian
Riders? There will be a few announcement regarding the new
programming that’ll be introduced in order to cater a new segment
of motoring show in Malaysia. Aside from that, there will be some
issue of Sepang International Circuit, Honda PCX and more.

We are really hoping that with all the support from you awesome
people out there. The programs that we prepare for for 2013 will
be entertaining and much improved to your liking. But we will be
open to any feedback and this can be done directly through our
main email at malaysianriders@gmail dot com. Please do stay tune
with us and support us by SUBSCRIBING to our YOUTUBE CHANNEL and

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