Z250: Kawasaki Baby Naked


Going the distance is really a suitable phrases for Kawasaki in this situation where they are really making a huge effort in trying to capture the market of a small and practical bikes for daily usage. The new Z250 was officially unveiled not too far away from our shore which is in Indonesia and it is anticipated to be here in Malaysia not too long from now. But as for now, we haven’t really got any official words from the people of Kawasaki Malaysia regarding this bike here.

The new Z250 is basically a Ninja 250 with the fairing replaced with a Z800 looks and that is basically it. We already expecting the International media from the European segment are starting to discuss about the possibility of a Z300 being manufactured to really suit their local markets and it is very likely to be happening for them. The technical specification of the Z250 should be similar to the Ninja 250 and we can already expect the bike to be in the same range of the announced Ninja 250 price.


We were not shocked by the announcement of the new Z250 as it is only a logical way of Kawasaki in order to become a dominant force in smaller capacity motorcycle range. We really hope that they wouldn’t sacrifice the characteristic and the soul of the bike by overproducing the bike until it becomes so mainstream and ultimately becoming nothing special to the riders.


For now, we are awaiting for Kawasaki Malaysia to announce about the bike to be here in Malaysia as we are yet to see the new Ninja 250 being sold here in Malaysia. It sure has been taking quite a while for them to finalize the bike for our local market and this is quite puzzling for us as to why hasn’t it be on the road for now. Whatever it is, we really hopes that all our followers will stay tune with us for more updates and please do LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to our FACEBOOK and YOUTUBE CHANNEL.


      1. but it was naked..mybe the price was lower than 2013 ninja 250r..try to differentiate the prices between kawasaki er6n & kawasaki er6f…37k vs 34k..tht makes 4k lower…i hope the z250 price between 17k-19k something….

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