Honda PCX Film Review


Kami kini sudah kembali, selepas satu bulan berehat untuk persediaan musim baru rancangan Malaysian Riders TV untuk tahun 2013 ini. Seperti yang sudah kami war-warkan sebelum ini, rancangan dalam Malaysian Riders kini akan mengambil format berepisod supaya rancangan kami lebih tersusun untuk anda semua. Jadi, bagi episod pertama musim 2013 ini; kami persembahkan sebuah filem ulasan dari Nazrin (Managing Director) untuk jentera Honda PCX.

Episod pertama ini telah disiapkan produksinya pada akhir tahun 2012 dan ia telah disimpan untuk menjadi bahan baru bagi musim 2013. Pihak kami telah banyak melakukan penyelidikan dan latihan bagi melancarkan lagi setiap filem yang kami hasilkan bagi membantu penonton kami memahami dengan lebih baik setiap filem review kami. Kami berharap sokongan dari setiap penonton semua untuk terus bersama kami dan memberikan kami ruang dan peluang untuk terus berkembang.

Honda PCX merupakan jentera yang dibawa oleh pihak Boon Siew Honda bagi diperkenalkan kepada pengguna tempatan dengan segmen skuter yang mampu memberikan kepuasan menunggang dan menjimatkan kos pengunaan dengan ketahanan jentera dari Honda ini. Apapun, tonton dan lihat sendiri kebolehan jentera ini dan jangan lupa untuk kongsikan filem review pertama untuk tahun 2013 ini kepada rakan-rakan atau keluarga anda.

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  1. Lousy review. When a review is to be carried out, he need to do some comparison between the some range of scooter (cc) or pricing. He should highlight the different and compare with Modenas Elegan (150CC) and SYM VTS (price RM 10,000.00) or 135cc LC nouvo.

    The comparison must include :-
    1) Pick up.
    2) Engine vibration at 110km/Hr
    3) fuel consumption
    4) stability during corner.
    5) top speed.
    6) Engine noise.
    7) common maintenance cost like Parts price for tyre/belt/roller and the interval to replace.

    With the comparison, consumer should be able to decide which 1 to buy.

    Based on his review above, I am not able to conclude which is the better scooter.

    1. We apologize for the lousy review, indeed we understand the frustration coming from our viewers. The person who reviewed the bike was a total inexperience and nervous one in front of a camera. Therefore, we have been hard at work to find a suitable replacement and also re-assigned the talent to a much suitable behind the scene position.

      We like the way you listed down the needs in a review and we are more than happy to hear more from you. Please do email us at anytime as we are always there to respond to our viewers suggestion and etc.

      Thank You

      -Creative Director-

  2. well, I have listed down the items which need to be reviewed.

    Again, any person who intend to review must have the experience in other bikes and provide the comparison for better understanding especially on those bike (same range) to let the viewer aware of the Pro and Con.

    With the honda 150cc scooter, only LC nouvo/elegan/SYM GTS bike can be considered for comparison.

    Hope you are able to get a better person to review the honda PCX cause no test bike available from stupid Boon Siew Company.

    I have owned Yamaha TZM/Suzuki VS/elegan/SYM VTS/250R Blade and now Honda Future kapcai.

    I will put on hold to buy the PCX till I got a chance to test ride this expensive machine. At the same time, their colour scheme for this bike is dam ugly with black and grey and white/red.

    What happen to their marketing dept? White and silver with black seat is most suitable for this small looking Hionda PCX.

    The honda marketing is sleeping and thought the PCX can sell like a hot cake without a test ride.

    Even their 4S dealer in nilai refuse to display the PCX because they are aware that this bike is not in demand with this pricing at RM 11K is killing a good product.

    Just imagine Thailand is selling below RM 8K OTR and Malaysia is RM 11K OTR. Most will opt for SYM VTS 172cc at RM9.5K OTR.

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