Aprilia RS4 250?


It’s been a while since we last discussed about the name Aprilia on our show or even here in our news updates. To be honest, we haven’t heard a lot of news from them and the last was probably a piece on the new Caponord. We do know that the SRV850 is now available in Malaysia but we haven’t really got any news update from Aprilia Malaysia or any news at all which is kinda sad.

But the main point of today’s update is regarding the rumors that has been around for quite some time now. Only recently, with the excitement of below 400cc world coming from the KTM, Kawasaki and Yamaha. The rumors of Aprilia joining in the 250 battle rises to another level with discussions in automotive forums all over the world and not to forget some of the international media speculations regarding the Aprilia development of such bike.

In our Aprilia RS4 125 film review which was not really a review due to the fact of such limited time we had on the bike, we did mentioned about the 250 segment for the Aprilia. The world of small beginners bike is now getting bigger and bigger with manufacturers like the Triumph are also looking into the small displacement market. From our point of view, this can only mean much more exciting bikes to talk about in the future and more choice for the market to decide on which model suits them best.

Aprilia officially haven’t said a word about their development on the 250 but the rumors somehow got back into the spotlight from people of the automotive industry. We wouldn’t want to say more about the rumors but we really think that it is about time the Aprilia introduce back their ability to capture the small displacement market. The RS125 and RS250 was a great success in our opinion but due to the change of time and technology, the 2-stroke world is no longer a place for manufacturers to visit anymore.


As for now, we have to wait on what will the Italian manufacturer say about this matter in the future. We really hope that the involvement of Aprilia in the 250 market can boost the competition in pursue of the best beginners bike of the future and probably joining back to the world championship like the new Moto 3 class too. That’s it for now, stay tune with us for more info and news regarding this topic in the future. Don’t forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to our FACEBOOK PAGE and YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

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