MV Agusta: Not Cool Anymore?

unrelated photo just to show..
unrelated photo just to show..

In our home country Malaysia, news such as this may in fact sounded a little bit controversial at first and all is well later as readers go through the lines in the articles. But this time around, it may not go all as well to those who love this particular exotic brand from Italy. Why? Because they seems to be taking a slightly “alternative” route in marketing themselves to the public and rather worryingly a quite disturbing path indeed.

To make it short, recently a “Hollywood big star” get’s a present from his dad just to celebrate his 19th birthday and who is this big star are we talking about here? It’s the one and only, Justin Bieber. Yes, how exciting it is to hear his name flowing through your own whisper in the head while reading this in an automotive related article. Surely, this is an odd move by the Italian manufacturer to actually be part of the Hollywood spotlight but not in the “right direction” to what the actual fans of the brand would hope to hear.

photo that went viral online..
photo that went viral online..

The MV Agusta F3 675 were given a special touch by the Italian bike exotica to celebrate this youth superstar’s birthday. Surely, the sexy nature of an MV Agusta has always been closely related with Hollywood such as the film I-Robot which feature the F4 in some scenes. But to have such magnificent bike be presented in this way with that “batmobile” written on the side really gives the bike an all new low. Hard enough for the F3 to be compared with it’s much more praised Triumph Daytona by the international motorcycle journalist, now this come to attention.

We hold nothing against Justin as our words here probably won’t reach his knowing at all, but to MV Agusta this kind of move is a real cheesy way to get some attention from the people in the Hollywood network. One word of advice, stay off making this kind of marketing gimmick and focus in getting involved in films that actually showcase the prowess of your motorcycle. That is a better way to get the attention from the people that actually care about the brand.

MV Agusta is certainly one of the big brand that is in a league of it’s own in their approach of making a masterpiece bike. Surely it is a wonderful bike to be ridden and everyone have the rights to enjoy if they can afford one even if he or she is someone like Justin Bieber. Apart from that, we are looking forward to have the bike soon in our motorcycling show and hopefully that day we will actually showcase the bike in a proper way and in a more sexier way than the JB’s rendition of MV Agusta.

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