Royal Enfield.. Where are they?

Amazing action from people of Motorcycle News dot com.. Photo credited to original owner
Amazing action on the Royal Enfield from the people of Motorcycle News dot com [credited to MCN]

The name Royal Enfield is surely not the most spoken about among the people who would called themselves as riders or bikers here in Malaysia. This is generally due to the lack of exposure they have here in Malaysia. It has been more than six to seven months the last time for us to spot the bike being ridden on the Malaysian road. That people, is not a good sign for the brand’s existence in Malaysia and to date we haven’t really got any chance to test it out or even get up close with any one model.

The firm which was founded back in the 1893 was named the oldest motorcycle brand in the world that is still operational since the introduction of the brand. The brand that was once based in England with the name Enfield Manufacturing Co. Ltd which was then defunct in the 70’s before being moved from England to Chennai, India in 1995 with their purchase over the rights of the name Royal Enfield. The colourful journey of the brand seems to be a wonderful story to be told, but somehow it lacks the exclusivity or the exoticness to it’s name unlike their fellow manufacturers based in Europe namely the Moto Guzzi or even the MV Agusta.


Enough with the firm, let’s look further into the brand’s placement here in Malaysia. The Indian manufactured bike is available here in Malaysia through their official distributor “The Big Bike Shop” located in Puchong and have been around in our motorcycle scene for quite a while now. Although they have an established name and long history in the world of motorcycle, it is just not enough to make it big here in Malaysia. We’d say that the fans of classic looking motorbike is not really big here in bolehland but there are some holes to fills by the Royal Enfield, yet they fail to capture some share of the market.

With the brand seems to be making a very slow progress here in our country, us in Malaysian Riders sees the potential of creating a great talking point for them. We called ourselves as a home to motorcycle enthusiast and we really truly believe that the classic segment of the bike should also share the spotlight of the automotive industry and Royal Enfield seems to be like a great brand to start at. With an affordable price tag ranging from RM25,888 to RM39,888 for the bike, it seems like us motorcyclist have a a lot of room to play around in making decision for getting a new toy to play with. The classic look is surely missing from the action on the road here in Malaysia and we really think it is about time for most riders to get out of the ordinary and starts thinking of going places in a much more unique looks and style.


But all this depends on how far the bike’s performance can be proved on the road and not to forget the reliability of the bike. Surely we wouldn’t want to spend thousands of Ringgit for a new bike that goes haywire after just 2-3 months of being used. The team in Malaysian Riders are working out ways for us to get the attention from the people of Royal Enfield Malaysia to produce a piece of film be it review or first ride or anything regarding bike’s capability just to share it with the Malaysian motorcycle enthusiast and the world. As for that, we are hoping more people can show us the support we need to convince the people in the automotive industry the need of Malaysian Riders to make our films for the audience. Please do stay tune with us for more and don’t forget to SHARE about us, LIKE our FACEBOOK PAGE and SUBSCRIBE to our YOUTUBE CHANNEL.



  1. Idiotic corrupted kastams bastards & their department give individuals a freakin hard time to register the 1995 500 Bulls that were brought in the following year. BIke cost 10k to buy, you have to pay runners 4-5k to get it registered even though you have all legal documents. Of course nobody will ride their bike out unless the occasional illegally !!!

  2. The bike cost even on the higher side is not more than 10k ringgit with a dealer in india. Now where come this 25 k and 40 k come from? It is definitely a heavy price. Keeping aside the price issue, Royal Enfield is a promising motorbike manufacturer building bikes that will last for a lifetime. I have used the Royal Enfield Bullet Electra 350cc model in India. Purchased in 2004 and used till Jan 2013 before moving to Malaysia. Whether you maintain the bike by getting it serviced on time or not it will still keep on going for years. Only thing is that you would not feel like using it with simple abnormalities especially when you know that you are not riding an ordinary bike. If serviced on time regularly then it will remain an excellent piece of perfection. The engine remains young forever. I have seen people using the 1960’s models on road running perfectly fine in India. The only thing that turns you off with those models is the appearance due to lack of proper maintenance over years. Now you can just imagine how sturdy is this machine designed and built? After all it only takes time for people to experience it. After using it for a few months I bet no one would like to get off it. I frankly cannot afford the price in Malaysia though I would like to have one. And at the same time I miss the one in India. One big reason for me to think of returning to India will be that I am missing my Bullet and the amazing feeling you have while riding it. Love it !!!

  3. I feel you, Gokul. I left my 2007 bullet behind in India when I moved to KL last year. I can’t justify paying over RM20k for it here. I’d love to bring my bike here. Is it feasible to bring the bike here from India? I know we’d have to pay customs/taxes, but it’ll work out cheaper than buying a new one here.

  4. I really love the RE Continental GT, the. RE owners knows better than me… and those who tax the machine also knows better than me..

  5. hi anyone help me how much should i pay at custom ??? and how can do the regular services in Malaysia ??can we do it dealers in Malaysia ..will they do it ??Please reply i love to buy battle green bullet…

    1. Hey there, for further inquiry on this matter. We would suggest you to get in touch with the people in Malaysia’s Custom itself. It can be done through their website.

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