Pagani Huayra: Ultimate Driving Experience


The Pagani Huayra, some of you might be thinking what is a car doing in Malaysian Riders. We will get there soon, for now lets just enjoy the beauty of the car’s fine engineering and exotic design. We would make a film of it but it’s not like we will get a chance to even get close to it at anytime soon, so looking through the pictures are the closest thing that we can bring you about this beauty.

The Huayra was designed to replace the legendary Pagani Zonda which was already an amazingly superb car and that was not an easy task for them to fill in the expectation for the Huayra. After becoming the spotlight of almost all magazines and automotive show available in the world, the Huayra have made it’s stand to become not just a better car than the Zonda but becoming something great on a new level which does set a pretty high target for all the other supercar manufacturers to follow.


So what does this have anything to do with Malaysian Riders? It is truly a simple thing to answer, we really love the great work of automotive engineering and sometimes the motorcycle industry can learn something from the world of supercars or in this case they hypercar. Bold design, amazing engineering, and the pursue of a class above anything else on the market. The Huayra is rear wheel driven and to those who doesn’t know about cars that much, it means the car is a super fun machinery to be driven around. With no traction control in this million dollar car, you can be sure that it will makes you scared to death to even pass the 100km/h on the speedometer.


Yes we do have this kind of hyperbike in the world of motorcycle, the new Panigale 1199R is surely one of them where the numbers from the spec alone will blow your mind. It will make you think and re-think again before getting on one and go crazy on it. The feeling of exclusivity is what those supercar makers are after and the people in the world of motorcycle will soon need to head down this direction and we can start seeing it with the BMW HP4, the Panigale 1199R and not to forget the people at the Bimota. Even the well kept secret Honda development V4 road bike is highly likely to join in for the exclusive class of superbikes.


For now, we will have to wait and see what the future may hold for us in the world of motorcycle. With more and more manufacturer are looking to pursue the majority share of the worldwide market, it will be great for once in a while for these manufacturers to look into creating something that just simply amazing. Stay tune with us fore more updates and we surely can’t wait to release more of our film content soon. Stay connected with Malaysian Riders by LIKING our FACEBOOK PAGE and SUBSCRIBING to our YOUTUBE CHANNEL.


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