Triumph Malaysia to Launch Something?


Although we have made a few direct contact with the representative of Triumph Malaysia or the official distributor of Triumph Malaysia, we didn’t get any info from their side regarding today’s update directly but more from the update of friends and acquaintance from the world of Facebook. It doesn’t matter now, the more important thing is what to expect during that event and will we be able to elaborate more on the “new item” being launched and will we ever get an opportunity to even get intimate with the subject.

The existence of Triumph motorcycle in Malaysia has been pretty well so far but not as popular to those from Japan and Italy if it is to be compared locally. Triumph was proven by a lot of our international counterparts as a great bike to behold and to enjoy. As for us in Malaysian Riders, we haven’t got the chance to give a good words out for the brand because we don’t know how to say and how to show it without having any of it’s product with us even for just a moment.


Triumph Malaysia was recently spotted in promoting about them organizing an event on the 30th of March at Zebra Square from 2pm until 5pm. But the main thing that we are looking at is the launch of the 2013 model and we have no idea if they are talking about new bikes for the launch or the existence model in their showroom. Although we haven’t got any confirmation yet, but we are positive that something can be work out for the sake of gaining great information for the brand and making the brand even closer to Malaysian.

With all that, we need to wait just a few more days to see if they will ever give us the go word for us to join the event. Please do stay tune with us for more info and updates regarding this matter in the near future. It will be great if you can LIKE our FACEBOOK PAGE and SUBSCRIBE to our YOUTUBE CHANNEL.


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