2013 Ducati Multistrada 1200s First Ride Review


When we asked the people at Ducati Malaysia of what new bike that we can test out, they told us that the Ducati Multistrada 1200s was available and straight away the people in Malaysian Riders gets excited and starts writing the review draft on the motorcycle. Our test rider was the most excited of them all as this will be his first experience in riding such machine. Concluding from our circumstances as a young motoring organization, it is fair to say that our opinion might be a little bit different from others out there. We have made an episode of the Ducati Multistrada Review and we encouraged our readers and viewers to watch it and enjoy our filming teams work.

We started off our test ride from Kuala Lumpur straight to Teluk Senangin located in the state of Perak, Malaysia. It shall test out a few of our own questions on this bike. The first thing that we want to know was the bike’s first impression towards our test rider. Right away from looking at the size of the bike comparing to our test rider, he straights away felt a small doubts in his heart whether he can actually ride this amazing machine. On his first time to sit on the bike, the Ducati amazed him with the weight distribution of the bike. It all felt very natural to him and nothing awkward with the bike’s proportion and that gives our test rider great confidence in handling the Multistrada.

The looks of the new Multistrada didn’t change much from it’s predecessor and it still gives you that awkward first look impression as to whether it’s a beautiful bike or is it just an ugly looking touring machine. But is in Malaysian Riders think that the bike is really great to look at after some time with it. The signature Ducati Red really stands out in almost anywhere we bring the bike to, and it is a definite head turner from it’s outrageous looks and size. The Multistrada dash board is totally one great design by Ducati as it is super easy to read in whatever condition you’re in and the layout of the information is practical to a rider’s eyes so that we can get the information faster and focus back on the road.


The ride and handling of the bike is just like what our test rider says in the review film. Super comfortable, easy to ride and the new Ducati Skyhook system may just help the ride quality to improve a little bit although it doesn’t really make a significant presence in your riding. We tested the bike on normal roads and it performs as expected, but when we bring it to places like the beach off roads; the bike really shows how good the suspension and the power delivery can be. It definitely can tackle these tricky condition even with it’s 17 inch wheels front and rear which does intents to be a little bit more practical for road use rather than off roads.


The engine is the key important thing on this motorcycle, we didn’t mention about it truly in our first ride review film as we might need a little more room to play around with the engine test in maybe a different film. But here we can say that the bike produces lots of grunt from it’s 1198.4cc engine. The power configuration of the engine given by Ducati for this machine like the sports, touring, Urban and Enduro really helps the rider to fine tune their needs for the power to be delivered at the back wheel on the go. On this first ride review, our test rider focus a lot on the Touring, Urban and the Enduro setting due to the environment that mostly we are in at the time. Touring and Urban setting both delivers an expected performance enough to make the bike excel in the situation needed, but the Enduro mode soften up the power delivery and gives the bike more room to spin the tire in some simple off roads condition. This resulting in better handling and control for the bike in this difficult terrain.

With an amazing engine at it’s heart, it is no wonder that the bike can achieve a great reputation to it’s name even with it’s Touring nature. The Multistrada really felt like an all round motorbike to be ridden and don’t be surprised to see the bike performs as well as another sportsbike out there through the twistiest. The price of the bike really says it all for this machine, with the Multistrada pricing starts from RM115,000 it does sums up the bike’s total value in a figurative way. We haven’t really finish with the bikes test and there are more questions for us to find and answer. What we can say at this point is, the Multistrada is surely one unique motorcycle that has it all. It can be almost anything the rider needs at any given time.


For that, we are hoping we will get the chance back to test more on the Multistrada 1200 in the future. We are hoping that this can somehow helps all you potential owners of the Multistrada out there to get more information on this motorcycle. Be sure to stay tune with us for more about it in the future, please do SUBSCRIBE to our YOUTUBE CHANNEL and don’t forget to LIKE our FACEBOOK PAGE to get more daily updates from the team at Malaysian Riders, Home to Motorcycle Enthusiast.


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