Cagiva Mito 125


Recently, we dispatch a small team of our filming group to do a piece on the motorcycle that we are pretty sure will be forgotten in just a matter of years from now. With the advancement in motorcycle technology especially in the 4-stroke engine technology, it seems very certain that the future younger generation of motorist will unlikely to even care about the 2-stroke machinery like the Cagive Mito 125 here.

It has been quite a while since we seen one on the road and let alone ride one. To have this opportunity given by a fellow rider was surely a golden moment for us to bring our contents to a certain quality that we have been meaning to achieve. The first thing that really captured our attention was definitely the sound that may appeal to some but may also considered ancient or annoying by others; and then there’s the smell of it.

image (1)

Malaysian Riders has always known to have a soft spot with 2-stroke machinery, even our pilot video was a teaser of a Kawasaki KRR 150 which is currently a hot selling 2-stroke motorcycle in Malaysia. The Mito 125 however, stands on it’s own pedigree. The power to weight ratio might not be as great as the Kawasaki, but the handling is straight away superior and rivaling the great machines like the RS of Aprilia and NSR of Honda.

We are sure there have been plenty of discussion on this bike all over the world. We wouldn’t want to question any of them. Our main Focus now is to immortalized this bike in our channel and be sure to make it not as a review, but more as a close look at a last of it’s kind video thingy. We do hope our audience will enjoy it, we work hard to earn it and we spend a great deal of time and money to work on it.


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