Honda Airblade: Deleted Scene


Through out the years of Malaysian Riders involvement in the motoring industry here in Malaysia, we have always been facing with some difficult times in which our production crew couldn’t get the best footage from a filming activity due to shortage of time spent with a particular motorbike. This is nothing new for us, there are lots of materials prepared by our production team that falls under the constraint of time and budget. After all, we are not your usual film production company with tons of budget at our expense, we are mostly self funded and passion driven team to complete a certain project.

Now there are few films that has been shot but fail to meet the minimum requirement for us to complete it as a final film. Here is one of the example, during the filming of the Honda Airblade which took place simultaneously during the launch of the bike itself; we find it hard to maneuver our way to film the bike as the constraint in crew members and hours to spend with the bike is very limited. Therefore, the final result was under average and the post-production team had to skipped the project and move on to the next due to certain shortage of raw contents.

During the Honda Airblade filming, the intention is for us to audition a new presenter and test rider to be included in the future of our program. The fellow name Nader is the person who we were auditioning and trying to develop into becoming a test rider and presenter. It was a great experience for both side but the final decision was made and the project was scraped even before the evaluation of the test rider came in. Our viewers out there now should be able to understand more for our production process and how simple but tricky it is to complete one particular film for the viewing pleasure of many.


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