OUR STORY: Tyga Malaysia and Engine Ice Malaysia

Mr.Edy Kamal of TYGA Performance KL
Mr.Edy Kamal of TYGA Performance KL

To all you people out there who has been following us for quite some time, it must have been quite obvious for you to find that Malaysian Riders has been in a professional relationship and collaboration with the following business entity. TYGA Malaysia and Engine Ice Malaysia, they are both being managed by our fellow entrepreneur friend Mr.Edy Kamal through his company TYGA Performance KL.

So what is the story for us and Tyga Performance KL, well that demands us to go back into our video archives and see what we did during that time.

Since we were only starting up our organization at the time, so it was too for TYGA Performance KL; both of our organization shares the similar timeline in terms of existence, although we are only officially registered as a business organization in late 2012. The involvements between the two organization are mutually beneficial as we portray the role of a media platform for exposure and TYGA Performance KL taking the role of a sponsor. Thus, Malaysian Riders and TYGA Malaysia followed by Engine Ice Malaysia becomes a group of organization that works within each expertise in exploring the possibilities in the automotive and motorcycle industry.


As a collaborator of Malaysian Riders, both TYGA Malaysia and Engine Ice Malaysia has been in close development with Malaysian Riders in terms of diversifying the reach and penetrating the market via both platforms regardless of medium. Now in 2013, Malaysian Riders and TYGA Performance KL is looking to end the year with a big bang and shall be in close development for the future project to be presented to both our followers and consumers. From the team of Malaysian Riders, we encourage you to visit our collaborator’s website HERE and check out what are they up to.

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