AAM to Assist Bikers

AAM Bikers Assist 01

It is a straight forward message from the name of the program itself. Introduced by none other AAM, the body that practically involves with the motoring and automotive industry here in Malaysia. Yes, for the lack of better word; we just say that they are the body that involves with the automotive thingy. Being honest is truly the core part of Malaysian Riders, and we will not stop being one for now.

AAM had invited us to attend the launch of AAM Bikers Assist recently in Selayang and an acquaintance of us managed to slip past through their officials to hear about the event. But it’s not like we are crashing the event, we were actually being invited after all. Straight to the main story, Bikers Assist program is actually AAM’s effort in delivering quality and honest service to the fellow bikers in need of assistance while they are on the road or probably even off the road.

image credited to motorcycle-uk.com
image credited to motorcycle-uk.com

There are 3 memberships available and it comes of course with a certain fee. But to think of it, the value of the membership might be something that bikers need to really think of as you never know when suddenly you need assistance with your superbly maintained bike, (ehem). It starts as low as RM48 up to RM240 and it is a yearly fee, so it depends on your bike’s engine capacity. So for us in Malaysian Riders, we’ve faced with some situation where we are stuck in the middle of the road with our concern citizens passing by and asking what’s the problem before leaving us stranded again. (This is the reason for traffic jam here in Malaysia)

AAM Bikers Assist 03

What else can we say about it? We are seeing this event as something useful to those riders with minimal tool and skill set to handle their bike in problematic time. So we encourage anyone out there to get to know more of this service and to do that, please do Google AAM or if you’re too lazy; just click this BLUE link to get you there. For more news and info from us here in Malaysian Riders, stay tune by LIKING our FACEBOOK PAGE and SUBSCRIBING to our YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

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