2014 for Malaysian Riders

random photo 1
random photo 1

This will be a short heads up for everyone that has been relentless in following our progress maybe since the first day of our involvement with the automotive industry. It has been a great journey for us back in 2013 and now we will be moving towards creating a different and hopefully better Malaysian Riders motorcycle show in 2014.

The film made below express the truth and honest reason behind WHY our organization exist in the first place. The team in Malaysian Riders would really appreciate if everyone can watch it and understand why we did what we did. Hopefully, everything will be clearer to all our fellow riders and viewers out there in understanding our approach in creating our contents.

For 2014, we shall be taking a short break in the early months of 2014 for us to re-shape ourselves and get into the pre-production process for the entire 2014 series of our motoring show. We really hope that everyone will stay tune with us in the future as we are excited in bringing in new way of our motoring show. We shall be making a few more announcements in the future and we really hope that you’ll be aware of it too.

random photo 2
random photo 2

For more of our news and info, we encourage everyone to follow our FACEBOOK PAGE and SUBSCRIBING to our YOUTUBE CHANNEL. In the mean time, please enjoy the 2013 show of Malaysian Riders and THANK YOU for every bit of your support to our cause.

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