Honda NSS300: Another Scooter for us?


Now, we understand clearly that this is not the latest news about this particular model on the motoring news lately. We certainly don’t intend to be the first at telling you readers about this scooter just like everybody else in the motoring media arena. But we certainly wants to give you a piece of our opinion towards this new product by Boon Siew Honda or at least their latest entry to the market.

The NSS300 Forza Scooter, the name sounds impressive to our ears. But is it really that impressive to be ridden? Well that is a question that we ourselves don’t have the answer yet, but since their PCX150; we are quite confident that this is another product by Honda that you just can’t go wrong with. But that doesn’t mean it can give you the excitement or that certain feeling of exclusivity of riding a scooter, well that is all remains to be seen. If and only if, we can have a go with it at some point.


The mid-sized scooter comes with a 279cc liquid cooled SOHC 4-stroke engine that said to delivered 19kW at 7.5k RPM and max torque of 26Nm at 5k of rpm. Now that is not the most impressive engine performance that we’ve seen since our involvement in the motoring industry. But this is a scooter, what more do you expect from one? For us, the introduction of this model will give more option to the people in Malaysia for a mid-sized scooter that has the looks and performance to be purchased. But do we really need more mid-sized scooter here in Malaysia? Are we really the kind of society that loves these kinds of product or machine?

The answer is a huge YES for us. We love the idea of a scooter, ever since our test rider got the chance to really have a go with a BMW C600 Sport recently. He gave us his thought on how the practicality of a scooter is just beyond great. It is a superb invention that is already been around for a long time and think that this is the right time for these manufacturers to introduce more scooters or the likes of it to the market. So that people move on from those moped to this mid-sized scooter for their daily ride.


What more can be said, the price of this NSS300 doesn’t sounds absurdly expensive at all. The market and consumer shall now have a better options to play around in this scooter market and we will be seeing the growth of the trend in maybe the next couple of years. But this is all depends on how the players in the market wants to shape the industry. RM26,768 for the basic model sounds good enough but that really depends on how it performs against the test that we’ll be making. Maybe.

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