We are coming back


It’s been a full one month break for us in Malaysian Riders, now we are back to work with the filming process of the new 2014 Malaysian Riders motorcycle show. We are definitely working at a steady pace right now to ensure we produce a superb and highest quality films possible for you viewers. The team is now working hard to ensure we met our own requirement and we are looking at ensuring that the financing of this year’s show doesn’t goes to waste and fully utilize to make the film looks as awesome as we can.

Few changes will be made to this year’s show, one thing for sure that everyone needs to know that we will separate Reviews and Motoring show into two different segments. As a viewer, you’ll be able to tell the different right away from the looks and how the show progress in each film. Lot’s of bikes will be featured into this year’s show and yes, we are excited to bring you the most honest opinion that we have on each one of them.

Photo By Azim

We are hoping that every single one of our followers and friends will wait for the new show to come out this Q1 of 2014. We are targeting to release one batch of films in a month so that we’ll have more time to produce better stuff in the upcoming months in 2014. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to our YOUTUBE CHANNEL and LIKE our FACEBOOK PAGE to get extra bits of our progress in 2014.

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