2014 Season of Malaysian Riders

With the posting of our pre-show film as of today, it marks our real comeback to the scene of motorcycling show to the world. Well that is quite a statement, but hey; we are aiming high to achieve a supreme quality with our motorcycling show. In terms of visual and also, the quality of the content itself. We have been working hard to ensure that we met the pre-determined scheduled set by our founder and surely we are looking good to achieve that.


Therefore, be sure to stay tune to our youtube channel whether you are watching from mobile, computers or maybe even your 42-inch television. We are excited to share with every single one of you viewers that we will be reducing our production of films starting this year to ensure better preparation and quality to the films we are making. It will be a little bit similar to the approach of our beloved inspiration “BBC Top Gear”. Or at least, that’s what we think.

Below are the scheduled films to be released by episode from our Malaysian Riders production team:

  1. BMW HP4: A Retold Story
  2. Ducati Hypermotard: TBC Title
  3. Kayo MiniGP: Budget Racer For All
  4. Kawasaki Z1000: The Z Series 
  5. Aprilia Capanord: Journey to the Sea of Red
  6. Honda 500 Series: TBC Title


Those are currently the films that will be made by our production team and we shall ensure all of it be made into this year’s 2014 show. Some of you might be thinking. why there are so little films to be released. Not to be worried, these are just the main films that we call as our “premium effort”. There are surely more than 20 films to be made this year ranging from all kind of bikes, regardless of their capacity.


Following from our collaboration with Motomalaya.Net we will be releasing lots and lots of films on the smaller bikes to cater our local viewers and yes, it will be done in Malay language with subtitles to accompany it; just in case.


With all that being said, please do stay tune to our Youtube Channel and please do SUBSCRIBE it if you haven’t done so. Our team encourage all of you readers and viewers to LIKE our FACEBOOK PAGE to further communicate with us.

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