Energica EGO: 150mph Electric Superbike


Electric motorcycle once again made it to our spotlight, well at least; it was interesting enough to get us to write this article regarding this amazing piece of news that we had from our international motoring media networks. Energica is the brand that we have in this spotlight and the model of the bike is called EGO. What’s interesting about this piece of engineering is that it is claimed to be able to reach 150mph of top speed and that people is already a normal combustion engine level.

But the EGO is not the first motorcycle that housed itself an electrified engine or motor as what they are mostly known as. The Ego is “claimed” to have an astounding 195Nm of torque and because it’s an electric motorcycle, that means the power range starts from zero all the way to the red line. Our test rider for sure has no experience in explaining how it feels to ride a bike with this phenomenal power, but from all the information gathered from the people who has ridden an electric motorcycles especially those of the superbike range. The feeling is way beyond what you can get from your normal fossil fueled machine.

We have absolutely no idea on what else to say about the bike more than what we can get online or directly from their website cos it ain’t really our own experience and words. But one interesting point that this company says that it admits that the range is depending on how you ride it and the bike itself is not a race bike. Thus, it can go very fast but you will get out of range as quick as you can ride it. But with their understanding that the EGO is not a race bike but more of a road bike. Then, it is safe to say that the motorcycle is as good as it gets coming from the world of electric motorcycle right now.

credits to Rideapart.com or the original photo owner
credits to Rideapart.com or the original photo owner

The last piece that we talked about related in this field is from the brand or company called Mission Motorcycles. It has been a while since we last heard from this brand and only recently that there is a legal thingy happening with the personnel of the firm. Apart from that, no development is significant enough to catch our very minimal attention to this segment of motorcycle. But, if given the chance; our filming team would be more than willing to create a piece for these rare-species of motorcycles, especially for our developing country.

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