Missing Brands in Malaysian Riders

Coming into the 3rd year of our operation in Malaysian Riders, we have certainly grown from a very small self-encourage and self-excited motoring organization into a growing motoring show brand here in Malaysia and hopefully the world. Despite the growth, understandably; we are still way way behind compared to those bigger organization like Cycle World, MCN or even our own inspiration the BBC Top Gear. Therefore, we enjoy a smaller amount of vehicles or motorcycle to be featured into our motoring show.

That aside, we are still highly motivated to continue working towards improving and bringing in different feels and perspective towards motoring news and information that we share with everyone out there. Our focus in 2014 will be to bring as many motorcycle brand into the show and expressing a variety of choices for our viewers to enjoy our content based on the brands that they really like. We do understand that our position and size might not be as big as the mentioned brands up there. But we are sure, that if every single brand can be included into the show; we’ll be able to get more and more quality supporter from our lovely nation and the rest of the world.

MV Agusta


Now this is a brand that is actually have been missing from our show even when there is actually an episode where the brand was featured. The episode shows an MV Agusta going against a Kawasaki and that was pretty much the only bike we have from the Italian exotic in 2013. The connection between the brand and our organization never really existed in the first place and we are surely hoping that the people who handles the brand here in Malaysia will be able to come on board the new 2014 season of our MR Motorcycle Show.

Triump Motorcycle


Probably the most exciting brand that we never have the privilege of getting it into our show. Not that we haven’t tried, but it seems really hard for us to penetrate the brand’s class to even bring it into the show. Triumph motorcycle holds a strangely great quality in terms of their product and technology used for their products, and that alone gives a high quality of news and information to talk about among the local and international motoring media alike. But to us, we can’t really say anything solid if we haven’t tried it at all. Hopefully, somehow this year we’ll be able to bring at least one episode where Triumph be the main focus of the show. {Finger crossed for that]

Moto Guzzi


Now this is a little bit sad. Malaysian Riders was among the first and we are probably the most excited about the brand coming here or making an official stand here in Malaysia back in 2012. But it never really took off from that enthusiasm, it simply remain in the year 2012 for us with the Guzzi. We are still working out a way to get this brand on board our show and hopefully, the year 2014 will be the year where we see that happen.  To any Guzzi owners out there, we are opening our door to have some Teh Tarik session with you for a little bit of in-depth study of your interest.



This is sad, Suzuki is the only Japanese brand that we love so much but never got the chance to do a piece on it. Since they haven’t really got any bike for us to test, we simply have no clue on what to do with this brand. With the news of the CBU models to be focused more this year, we are certainly hoping for a little room to be part of that movement and getting it into our show. Well, at least we can try to make everyone sees that Suzuki is still one of the best motorcycle manufacturer in the world; even if their reputation is not as highly praised as that.



Now this brand, we have made a piece on it before and this year. We are making sure that it’ll be featured into our show. With our collaboration with Motomalaya.Net, we are looking to create an interesting story about the Japanese brand that is very famous to most Malaysian and doubtfully to all the GP fans. With Yamaha, we are looking to decide on which model to feature for this year’s show and hopefully it will be as exciting as the our spirit for 2014 motorcycle show.

Understandably, there are lots of other brand out there that we haven’t really feature into the show. But here are just a few that is pretty major for us. So, 2014; what will happen to our motoring show this year really depends on how much the support will be given by both the manufacturers and you awesome viewers out there. Therefore, we are pleading that all of you viewers to help us out in getting more views and likes and whatsoever for this year’s MR Motorcycle show. Certainly, help us out in getting pass that 2,000,000 mark. To do so, you can start by LIKING our FACEBOOK PAGE and SUBSCRIBING to our YOUTUBE CHANNEL. Don’t forget to spread the love to all of your friends too.

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