Music and Motorcycle

image of music sheet credited to
image of music sheet credited to

Motorcycling and music might not have a good and solid relation with each other in this world. But we can all relate to music, no matter who we are and this is true even if you’re biker, rider or motorcyclist. Malaysian Riders team is dedicated to bring a quality and entertaining films to all of our viewers. With that kind of determination in creating a high quality films, music has been a great part of our production side.

Being a partner to Youtube, we are highly encourage to produce our own contents with less use of others copyrighted material. Music is a highly copyrighted material and this is where our problem kicks in. To maintain a high level of quality with a very small pool of royalty free music is just hard. Our films have been acknowledged countless times with copyrighted music and this gives us problem on how we’re supposed to be sustainable from our contents alone.

A screenshot from "Ducati Hypermotard Film" Release Date:TBA
A screenshot from “Ducati Hypermotard Film” Release Date:TBA

Being a truly passionate organization, we are always hard at work in finding ways to improve ourselves and slowly we’ve gained an associate that has the capability to produce his own music. Along the way as well, we’ve earned a permission to use some original music made by an unsigned artist based in South Florida in the States known as SALIENCE. It has been amazing that we can earn such support through what we hope to be a collaborative effort.

Even though we’ve gained something to help us out with our struggle in getting good music, we will never stop looking around for more that can really improve our contents and at the same time; giving pleasure to the ears of our lovely viewers. Us in Malaysian Riders urge to everyone out there, who happens to be a musically talented person or know somebody that is gifted with that skill to come and share their music with us. We might not be able to give much but if there is a chance to work together, we might just be a good platform for your music to be heard.

From this writing as well, we would like to express our gratitude to Mr. Kevin Macleod, for his awesome work on INCOMPETECH.COM in sharing his royalty free music to everyone out there. So if you have any need for some music that will grant you a commercial usage by only crediting the owner’s work. Please feel free to visit his site over that clickable link. Please do stay tune with us for more news and updates, LIKE us FACEBOOK and SUSBCRIBE to us on YOUTUBE.

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