Exciting Weekend

Some of you might be thinking why have we been so slow with our film contents. We are aware of that and we shall work harder in getting all the films out as soon as possible. For the sake of sharing, we would like all of our viewers to know that we love what we do here and we are trying to ensure that all of our contents are being shared with the best quality possible (even if the raw footage was super crap). With that, it’ll take some time for our people to process.

Aside from that, we are excited to share 2 new videos or films as what we like to call them with all of you through our lovely YOUTUBE CHANNEL. So please do enjoy them; the first being a homegrown racing documentary for the dinosaurs of the motorcycling world in Dato Sagor Circuit of Perak. If you missed the good old two strokes machine, well you may have something to enjoy there. The second film or video is totally an on board ride in a motocross race with our local rider known as Hazlanshah; who is also competing in the Asia Road Racing Championship under the team of Bike Art Kawasaki.

We will be bringing in more exciting films in the upcoming weeks and you can definitely expect that we are trying hard to ensure that all kind of range of motorcycling got covered. Maybe not those easy riders type just yet but the rest should be just fine. Well, please do SUBSCRIBE to us on YOUTUBE and LIKE our FACEBOOK PAGE to find out more on what are we up to.

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