The Dark Side of Japan: Yamaha MT-09


It’s more like, the darker side of Japanese motorcycle manufacturer; Yamaha. The long awaited or the highly anticipated and quite highly hyped by the media outside of Malaysia; the MT-09 is here, in Malaysia officially that is. Hong Leong Yamaha unveiled their big bike entry for the year 2014 with a bang (literally, the audio of the video presentation was loud) and was welcomed by everyone attended the event with open arms. As for us in Malaysian Riders, this is exciting news to all of us in the team and to you viewers.(More motorcycle to be filmed! yeay!!)


The announcement made by Yamaha Malaysia comes to no surprise to most of us here in Malaysia or that is what actually going through our mind. It’s about time that Yamaha Malaysia join the ever growing and competitive motorcycle market here in our Boleh Land. MT-09 will be made available starting the following week from it’s unveiling today (25th June of 2014) and people, please get excited about that and ready your pocket for more cash-fat burner that comes in the shape of exciting inline 3 847cc Japanese agile motorcycle.


But here is the catch, the bike will be made available with only a very limited amount here and we are talking very-very-very limited. It seems like a good strategy by these people in Yamaha and they know that they need those initiator to start the trend going. The MT-09 comes to the dealership with CBU first with the CKD is to come in the later year. The price said was RM54,000 dead and that does not includes those road taxes and insurance. Well that is quite cheap considering that it competes in the range of that certain green brand from Japan too.


The development of the MT-09 that has been brought to our attention by those international media had certainly made the bike well-marinated for our motorcycle industry here in Malaysia. So we do encourage to all of you readers and of course our loyal and awesome fans to head out to bookstores near you in the few months to come to get a local opinion from our media friends out there. That is all for now, we’ll be there to answer your questions or inquiries if there is any. Please do stay tune with us on FACEBOOK and YOUTUBE.


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