2 Strokes Beauty: The Ronax 500

Ronax500 a

Words by Robin Conraad

When you see a 500 behind a bike’s name, you know they mean serious 2-stroke business. There has been some highly innovative yet functional ideas coming out from the motorcycling industry the last couple of years and Ronax wants a piece of the pie. They believe the Ronax 500 can push the boundaries using the latest technology combined with old school mechanics. Lets play with the figures shall we? The Ronax boasts insane power to weight ratio with 160hp in a 145kg machine, carbon fiber everything, 4 cylinders, 4 perfectly tuned pipes with a corporate price tag of $136,000. That’s about $850 per horse that’s fitted into 900 grams of lightweight aluminium and carbon fiber. Yes please…

It’s worth mentioning that Ronax are only planning on building 46 of these screaming beasts because any more than 46, would be one sacrifice too many. The craftsmanship that has gone into each single bike is truly something of an art itself. Each bike hand-made from raw materials and German ingenuity followed by a buyer whose got a hidden agenda.

However, this is obviously not the first time we’ve heard of the legendary 500cc 2 stroke monster. Between 1973 and 2002, Moto GP bikes mostly consisted of 500cc 2 stroke engines simply due to its insane torque and lightweight construct with basic technology. Due to boring and tightening regulations from the millennium onwards, MotoGP teams eventually had to shift their technology development towards 1000cc 4 stroke engines that led to the phasing out of its predecessor.

It is worth mentioning that there are probably a few engineering junkies in heavily equipped garages all over Europe trying to make something you would later regret buying. It’s a thing of pride, to say the least. One such man named Dr. Robin Tuluie has done precisely that by building the Tul-Aris 800cc 2-stroke, 2 cylinder bike with decent funding of course. However, this engine was borrowed from a snowmobile from Polaris.

Ronax500 b3

So why is this Ronax 500 still so special? Simple, it was built from the ground up with immaculate precision that will guarantee to make your 1000cc, 4 cylinder buddies question their sexuality. To think that a 99% race inspired bike which was also developed for road use would be socially responsible. Obviously not the case. The Ronax 500 demands skill, technical riding and a pair of over-sized balls. Not forgetting to mention its authentic race design with tiny headlamps. A way of saying “I belong at the track but don’t tell anyone”.
What an absolute beauty.

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All Photos and Videos are copyright of Ronax visit their site HERE


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