United Leperianz MiniGP Challenge


It is no secret that our love for motorsports has always been great and that really translates ever since we got our hands on the amazing MiniGP machine. Our very own test rider Muhammad Rashidi did expreses his view on the bike alongside with other well known riders such as Hafizh Syahrin, Azlan Shah, Zaqhwan Zaidi and many more. Every single one of them had fallen in love with the tiny yet challenging machine known as the Kayo MiniGP. But this article is not about the machine which can be watched from these LINKS: OFFICIAL 1 & OFFICIAL 2. But this is more about something else, something far more interesting than just the machine.

We are discussing about the desire from us motor heads in Malaysia for a platform to enjoy an exciting yet affordable motorsports activity. This is where United Leperianz along with Alpinestars Kuala Lumpur and Motostylestore get their act together in organizing an event to replicate the feeling of racing. It was never meant to really serve as a platform of racing but at least the boys that joined the event may act like they’re in one. The 20 lineup riders shows a mix of riders from all kind of background and experience. With what can be said as the most affordable fee to race, the participants gets to complete a total of 42 laps and experience if they can actually handle the demanding technical circuit; as well as the hot and humid condition.

Top 2 battle between (#08 Adie and #66 Aizuan)
Top 2 battle between (#08 Adie and #66 Aizuan)

The event kicks off at 9.00am as the boys were given a standard briefing which were meant to focus on the safety and riding side of the activity. It then continues with a 10 lap practice session followed by subsequent sessions that challenged the riders to do well in order to complete the whole event in the top 5 spot. Although the riders weren’t really racing, the top 5 overall finisher gets to enjoy such amazing prizes which was a supportive move by the two amazing entities involved; Alpinestars Kuala Lumpur and Motostylestore. The reason being, to give extra pleasure for the participants in enjoying the race-like event.

Pitrides once again played an important role in providing the nation with such amazing and affordable platform. Us in Malaysian Riders will always give our best effort towards the promotional and support to the firm in developing the platform to the next level. As of now, we are confident that they are in the right path towards a steady positive growth. The United Leperianz MiniGP Challenge was not a big event nor was it a really small one. What it was in fact, just a positive step in the process of building a proper passionate motorsports community that are willing to participate and give their very best to make it happen. All in all, kudos to every single individual that was presence on that day and we shall make an effort to collaborate with more people to get the event to the next level in the future.

1st place winner, #66 Aizuan
1st place winner, #66 Aizuan

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1 – Muhammad Aizuan
2 – Mohd Zaidi
3 – Khairul Azizy
4 – Shahrul Shafiq
5 – Hairu Al Akmal
6 – Muhammad Raffi Alias
7 – Muhammad Noh Syazwan
8 – Riza Shahrom
9 – Mohamad Hafiz
10 – Muhamad Adri

Amazing photos by Fariedz Fictionator

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