Ducati Monster 796 S2R: A Not So Fresh News

Monster 796 S2R_015

Another not so fresh news from us. But it’s okay, we’re not really looking into simply releasing a piece of news as we got them from the press release; because then we’ll be doing what most other publications or news platforms are doing. Nothing wrong with that, but when you’re not the first one to do so, it simply looks a bit dumb. Well anyway, here is what we have on the table or on your screen; literally. Naza was proud to announce their new addition to Ducati Malaysia’s menu of exotic Italian adrenaline machine. It’s the all new, Ducati Monster 766 S2R.

The introduction or the unveiling was done at the Malaysian round of MotoGP in Sepang International Circuit, it was officiated by some important and key personnel of Ducati and Naza themselves. Among them was, Mr.Pierfrancesco Scalzo, Mr.Zakaria Ismail and Mr.Juan Chow Wee. Now we got that out of our system, let’s start discussing on the bike itself shall we? Ducati Monster, generally it has been around for more than a decade now and surely it needs no introduction for everyone who enjoys motoring on two wheels.

Monster 796 S2R_008

The core design philosophy of the Monster series by Ducati is to create a machine that can inspire confident to anyone who rides it with both of their feet firmly planted on the ground. But there are more to it than just confident inspiring, the iconic shape of the bike which hasn’t change a lot ever since it’s first introduction in 1993 is one of the most recognizable shape in the automotive industry. It’s kinda like the Porsche 911 which some might call them as just a Volkswagen Beetle on steroid, but to the 911’s fan it’s more than just a car; it’s actually a masterpiece of automotive engineering.

As for the Ducati Monster, it shares the same philosophy. It was designed to be a masterpiece of riding pleasure and freedom. Now what about the S2R version? We can try to write all these amazingly gawk-level automotive jargon to impress you readers about the S2R. But then it’ll just be a nicer way to talk about the 803 L-Twin Desmodue engine and the sporty looking rims to accompany the intention of the bike itself; which is to stand out from the rest of the normal Monster 796. So there you go, the Ducati Monster 796 S2R is a machine that is much more unique than the normal Monster variant and it shall be an awesome machine to own if you’re truly a fan of the Monster series.

Monster 796 S2R_012

The RM64,888 machine comes with ABS as a standard and a showa forks to fit with the sportiness of the ride. Well at least, that is their intention; us in Malaysian Riders thinks that a Monster is a bike that gives an impression to the rider that he or she is going fast and doing amazing riding on it even if they are actually not. To us, that is the beauty of it; that’s really the amazing point of a Ducati Monster. Being able to have this amazing feeling while you’re riding and safely in doing so is just what you need when you’re cruising in the city or on the twistiest. With an addition of uniqueness, the S2R should be able to enhance that feeling and gives the rider more joy and more pride in riding a Ducati.

It’s been ages since we last had a Ducati Monster on our show, we surely missed it and if there is a chance for us to make a film for the Monster again. We would definitely try to get the S2R into the film as it will look cool and just add a tad bit of uniqueness to show. Well, we’ve wrote everything that we can on this piece and if there is a need to find out about the specification, just CLICK HERE. It should be accurate enough for your needs. We’re glad that you’re reading till the end of this long and grammatically wrong article here. Stay tune with us on FACEBOOK and do SUBSCRIBE to our YOUTUBE CHANNEL for some film contents.


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