The Yamaha MT-07 Says Hello


Ladies and gentlemen, it is here! The Master of Torque 07 has finally arrived and it is ready to blast you away through the roads of Malaysia! The new Yamaha MT-07 was launched a few weeks ago during the MotoGP week in Sepang Circuit by none other than Yamaha’s own Factory riders; Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo themselves.

This new motorcycle from Yamaha was initially launched last year in other parts of the world, so it has been around for a while now, but Yamaha Malaysia has decided to carry this model in their inventory because of the rise in demand for middle weighted motorcycles with bigger capacity engines. Yamaha Malaysia has also announced that there will be a limited amount of CBU units ready to be sold now at RM42,000 a piece without registration, and in the future it will consider assembling the MT series here in Malaysia offering the CKD version at a slightly cheaper price.


 The MT-07 is in my opinion, is a hybrid motorcycle that is equipped with different types of gear that usually do not exist on the same bike, first you find 17 inch rims 120mm at the front and 180mm at the back bolted on a GP inspired long swing arm attached to diamond type Trellis frame, and propelled by, what Yamaha’s project manager said was the best engine that came out of the factory and installed on one of their commercial motorcycles, which is a fuel injected 689cc twin crossplane promising cheap maintenance, a lot of riding emotions and 75HP coupled with a mighty 68Nm of torque.

 Not forgetting that this bike fully loaded weighs only 179kg, we can see here that we have all the right ingredients that could make a great sport’s bike. But the MT-07 is not a sport’s bike, if it was it would have bigger breaks, better suspension, lighter wheels, etc. The concept of the MT-07 is being a cheaper motorcycle with lower running cost and that could also be a multipurpose tool, but above all it is promising a fun, safe ride with a handful of torque to keep you interested and awake while riding. Hopefully in the future we will be able to take it for a test and surely we will bring you some more info on this motorcycle full of potential.


All in all, us in Malaysian Riders will work our very best to get more of the Yamaha’s new motorcycle into the spotlight especially; through our main content of focus on Youtube. Feel free to hang around with us on Facebook and get the latest updates from time to time and be among the first to access our exclusively made contents.

words by Nader Tunsi




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