RedSpeed Street Motor Race

Ali Basri in action, ex-professional racer competing in Asian level circa 2001
Ali Basri in action, ex-professional racer competing in Asian level circa 2001

The end of August shows us how pack it is with Motorsports event across the globe and that also happens in Malaysia. The 29th day of the month saw the event RedSpeed Motor Street Race being held with the support by Hyrax oil and SNF at the Melaka International Motorsports Circuit. The event was mainly created with one objective in mind, which was to serve the needs of local motorist that are looking to get themselves into the world of Motorsports in a much lower cost. Therefore, the creation of such event is in tune with our own vision to cultivate the right motorsports culture here in Malaysia.

More than 70 participants across the nation participated on the one day event and saw multiple categories being competed from moped machines to the 2-stroke 150 category. It was a sure great sight to see multiple brands of motorcycles being on the grid competing against each other. Malaysian Riders sent a representative to be on the ground of the event in order to get in touch with the organizer and witness ourselves; the crave of local motorsports enthusiast and obviously a lot of motorcycle enthusiast to look for the appropriate kind of event for them to join.

We managed to grab a moment with the organizer in getting to know more about RedSpeed Motor Street Race and the kind of vision that it has for the future. They told us the most important part of the event is actually to prepare a platform for more riders to enjoy racing or track activities in a much affordable way and at the same time being rewarded for their effort of doing so. It is without doubt that safety is the main priority and thus having it done on a permanent track like the one in Melaka surely will help reduce the risk of fatal incidents that may happen if you were to race on the open road among other vehicles. At the end of the day, we want our riders to enjoy full motorsports experience and head back home in one piece to tell the story so that more people will join us in the future.

From our perspective, the event was nowhere near to perfection or optimum condition to be granted a level as a great motorsports event; but that does not mean it was insignificant. RedSpeed Motor Street Race with collaboration of Hyrax and SNF is definitely an important piece of motoring event that needs to be amplified more with the right support and coverage from the media and the motorsports community. In the near future, the event will move on to the next location and they will be looking to introduce an exciting 250cc 4 stroke category so that more people can join in and compete in a much appropriate way.

All in all, the event was done successfully and nothing major has been reported through our representative; but of course Motorsports can be dangerous. Thus all the participants must be aware of the risk and take extra precaution in getting prepared for this kind of high adrenaline activity. This is where us in Malaysian Riders would like to emphasize to all the riders out there in GETTING IN SHAPE in their approach to any Motorsports event. Be sure to stay tune with us as we bring more and more news on the local motoring events and motorcycle related stories for all you enthusiast to enjoy. Hang out with us on FACEBOOK and do enjoy our current YOUTUBE contents as we release more of them in the future.

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