Reffy Kamar Crowned as Round 1 Winner

Reffy Kamar being chased by Azrul and Muhammad Rashidi
Reffy Kamar being chased by Azrul and Muhammad Rashidi

The inaugural round of Malaysia MiniGP Members Series 2015 saw the veteran rider of PB2R Racing Team goes home with his head held high after bagging the 1st round win of the internal MiniGP championship. Reffy Kamar proves to be the man to beat in the series up till now as his consistent result in both race 1 and race 2 brings him a total of 43 points in the overall standing; hence leading the internal championship as they head for the second round at the end of September.

Although the 39 years old Selayang local boy starts his day of round 1 with a negative feedback with some tire issue and inconsistent suspension from his machine; his effort was well noted when he starts the race from 2nd place just behind of his rival, Azrul and in front of his colleague in Malaysian Riders Muhammad Rashidi. The PB2R Racing Team rider went on to score a 2nd place finish in race 1 before winning the second race to clinch the overall round win on board his Kayo MiniGP MR150.

The key to success was to be consistent and keep on fighting till the end says Reffy after his win at Elite Speedway. The overall standing of the series now lead by Reffy with 43 points, followed by Putra Adam with 33 points and Azrul with 27 points. Next round of the Malaysia MiniGP Members Series will continue at the end of September 2015 and more riders are set to join the competition to aim for the 2015 title of MiniGP Members Series Champion.


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