Cultivating the Right Motorsports Culture

image credited to original owner
image credited to original owner

The recent idea announced to legalize street racing in Kuala Lumpur had us all reacted in multiple ways and was surely not taken lightly by most people. Everyone deserves to be heard but not everyone has a clear understanding on why this thing is needed to our nation. We can’t really say that everyone needs to take an interest into the subject but then again, when it involves the nation’s interest; we’d say that this is a pretty serious matter to all of us. Street motorcycle racing sounds fascinating at first, but when we go deeper to the safety and the welfare aspects of the activity; it is more complicated than we can really compensate right now. So before we go further into criticizing or supporting the idea to legalize street motorcycle racing, let’s just think on the sport itself.

Motorcycle racing is just a part of the whole range of Motorsports activities that exist in this world. It is vastly popular and are valued to be in the billions of dollar for it’s annual cycle of business. So it will bring a lot of benefit to a nation that really involved with the whole scope of motorsports. But that is harder to be achieved than just talking about it. Malaysia has always been a nation driven by government’s initiative. Policies maker sat down and discussed on the direction that they wanted the nation to go and put the plan to action and working to achieve a certain target. It has been working for us thus far, but in order to step up to the next level; it requires something that is basically missing in the process of our journey. That is the right mindset and culture in that particular area.

image credited to original owner
image credited to original owner

Motorsports is a huge subject and it connects to a lot of other area such as automotive industry, oil and gas industry, logistical industry, media and publication industry, and even the hospitality industry. There are multiple others that are connected to the subject of motorsports and if we list it done, almost everything can be associated with it. One thing that has been properly explored in global term is the connection between Motorsports and Automotive industry. The two are generally compliments each other in almost every aspects. Without one, it’s not really a loss to either one of the scope but with both co-existing each other and truly working in a circle of symbiosis; a huge amount of benefit can be garnered. Malaysia is missing the true culture from both side of the scope. This is because we’re driven by initiative and incentives; not by a passionate culture.

Working on the idea of legalizing street racing for motorcycle with the reason to somehow fix the social issue of illegal racing among youth in Malaysia is a fairly short-term plan. But of course, until the responsible body announces their full plan on how to implement this idea in reality; we can only speculate on what is their real plan is. We remain steady with our vision that the right motorsports culture needs to be developed through the work of education and preparing the right path for these targeted talents to go further in their journey. We wouldn’t want to elaborate in every single detail of the motorsports scope and it’s associating industry along with how in our opinion shall be the best way to execute it. This is already a long article enough for our modern day reading ability and if anything longer being made, we might as well write a book on this topic.

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