Crucial Points for Fahmi and Live WSBK


Held at “The Podium” of Plaza Damas yesterday; Malaysian Riders correspondent attended the event organized by Sepang International Circuit to watch the live broadcast of the World Superbike round of Australia; which was the first round of the year. The highlight of the event was obviously to support Fahmi Khairuddin on his inaugural race in the World Supersport Championship series and to add the excitement of the event; Zulfahmi manages to score some crucial points to his championship run.

Numbers of avid motorsports fans got together to enjoy the live broadcast at the Podium yesterday and they weren’t simply came and got to enjoy great food and chilling at the café; but they were also celebrated by our host with great prizes such as WSBK or SIC merchandise and also tickets to watch the Malaysian round of the World Superbike Championship.

We are all about supporting this kind of effort in cultivating a proper motorsports culture here in Malaysia. It was obvious that there were great passion seen from the people who attended the event yesterday. They were all cheering and chanting their favorite teams and riders which elevate the mood of the event to become livelier and happening. This is what’s needed to our motorsports fans all over the nation, to get together and enjoy the sport in a healthy yet competitive way to elevate the level of public interest towards the all-important Motorsports industry here in Malaysia.

We will be looking forward for more of the same kind of event by anyone in the future. We highly encourage people of all background to get together and enjoy great motorsports in public places to improve the interest towards the right motorsports culture here in Malaysia. Be sure to keep in touch with us on FACEBOOK and TWITTER, not to forget to watch our films contents on YOUTUBE.

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