King of all Kings in Kuala Selangor

Final 6 Abas in Action

The heat of Kuala Selangor was immense as it was the same for the final battle of the 2016 King of 2T series; the king of king category. The premier class of racing for the young championship was certainly a treat for all the audience to witness. The final act of the 2016 King of 2T series held a supposedly 16 greatest riders of the whole paddock; but due to some unfortunate technical issues; 3 rider had to back off and eventually not making it to the final grid. All in all, the level of competition among the riders were immense and gave the best of sporting entertainment for the brave audience of more than 1500 people all over the circuit.

Final 4 Abas Winner
The crowd was entertained by a very high quality and high adrenaline race shown by the riders and it was certainly as what was expected from some of the best riders across the paddock. The race kicks off with Faiz Azmi dominating the early part of the race which saw him opening a substantial amount of gap in front of Anwar Abas. But the table was turned during the closing stage of the race when Anwar starting to close the gap and a close battle between the two started. Anwar came out as the winner of the battle for P1 and incurred a huge loss to Faiz Azmi as he wasn’t able to retain a close gap with Anwar. The 25 year old rider from Kuala Lumpur secured the win with nearly 5 seconds lead which gave him the much needed 25 points in the overall championship.

Malaysian Riders' test rider "Rashidi" in his race with the Kawasaki KR150 of ABRD team
Malaysian Riders’ test rider “Rashidi” in his race with the Kawasaki KR150 of ABRD team

The grand battle in the King of King category was already pre-amped by the exciting showing by the riders in the final of Uma Racing Cup. The category hosted some of the best field ever seen on the sacred ground of Kuala Selangor circuit; which was an initiative by Uma Racing brand themselves in developing their racing technology and at the same time contributing back to the society by cultivating the right motorsports culture here in Malaysia. Akid Aziz was the eventual winner of the newly introduced class when he leads a 3 second race in front of Aqid Jumali and Hanif Saparudin who finishes second and third respectively. The first round of King of 2T 2016 was concluded with a podium ceremony which was witnessed by some of the most loyal and avid motorsports fans of Kuala Selangor and its surrounding.

Final 5 Podium
The second round of King of 2T will be continued on the 4th and 5th of June 2016 in the same sacred ground of Kuala Selangor circuit. The event will be expecting a growth of participants and fans following from the success of this dramatic first round.

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