A Competitive Start for 2016 King of 2T

KO2T 2

April 9th 2016, Kuala Selangor – New season of the King of 2T series began with a positive notch with the much improved quality of performance by most of the riders competing across the 8 categories offered. The return of familiar faces in the series comes with a positive development in their showing after a season brake from last season’s action. The series competitiveness may has been improved due to the upgrades being done to the Kuala Selangor circuit earlier this year which proves to be much more technical than the initial layout. These changes offers a new challenge to all riders be it a first time competitor or even the much seasoned rider; the competing teams were also given a new challenge to adapt their machine setup quickly with the upgraded track. This gives a level playing field across the paddock and with a great weather shown during the first day of round one; riders can push themselves a little bit more better to gain confident for the races on Sunday.

More than 200 participation were confirmed in the first round of the 2016 season of King of 2T; and the numbers are set to grow throughout the year as the season progresses later. This goes to show that the demand for the series are strong coming from the local motorsports community, “I came to the circuit today to enjoy the heat of the competition even when I couldn’t stay for the final race tomorrow due to my work responsibility back in Kedah” stated one of the new face of competitor before leaving the ground with his family to Sungai Petani, Kedah. Efforts shown by riders and teams during the first day of competition this year truly indicates how much the competitive culture of motorsports are being cultivated in a positive way; this ultimately brings the level of performance throughout the paddock higher than before. The appearance of some very experienced and professional riders on grid does bring the level of competition a little bit higher and this will definitely turn into a great showing and entertainment for the spectators around the circuit.

KO2T 5

A great battle will be expected from the riders across all the categories during this first round of King of 2T especially during the final race action on Sunday. The sheer desire shown by the riders and teams surely will further boost the performance and action which gives a positive development on the quality of King of 2T series. The competition aspect of the series is a major focus by the organizer in order to develop some of the promising young talents to further their career in a much bigger series nationally or internationally. Everyone are welcomed to the circuit of Kuala Selangor to witness the conclusion of the first round of King of 2T and experience the excitement of the race. Admission is free.

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