Balik Raya Missing Ingredients: Calm and Tolerance


At the point of this writing, it seems very right to write about something related to the journey that we’re all about to embark for the upcoming festive season. It’s one of Malaysia’s biggest celebration of the year and that is the Islamic celebration of Eidul Fitr or better known locally as Aidil Fitri. Interestingly, both Aidil and Fitri are also common as names of Malay males here in Malaysia. They must be the happiest people around this month. (Okay hambar)

Whenever there is a big festive holiday of such; all of Malaysia seems to come to an unconscious agreement of going back to their hometown all at the same time. Well, just imagine this; we now have about 30 million people here in Malaysia and what happen to at least half of that population making a journey all at the same time. That is huge number of people on the road heading to a single similar direction most of the time. Traffic will be as close as a parking lot at times and it will be busy with some of our best drivers and riders ever born; which is, every single one of us.


Yeap, most Malaysian are aware that they are the best drivers or riders ever to be on the road and that puts many others at a great disadvantage. Recent studies which we are not really sure of it’s legitimacy shows that Malaysia holds a staggering amount of death on the road. Aren’t we all suppose to be the best vehicle operator in the world? How can the statistics be true of such fatalities? Well, although we are very “good” at our vehicle operation, we are lacking the two most basic attitude while doing our motoring activities; they are calmness and tolerance.

“Wait, I’m very considerate in my driving/riding” you might say this to yourself; but if you think hard enough about it; there must have been a little tiny moment in the past that we’ve also been kinda of an “dumbass” on the road. It is our very own nature to make mistakes from time to time. Therefore, we would like to encourage and remind all of us here to take it easy for this festive season in our journey going back to our hometown. A little bit of patience might go a long way. Several things that you can do:

  1. Mind your distance with other vehicles
  2. Use (PLEASE) your indicators properly, at least 5-10 seconds before your actual action
  3. Be mindful of your intention to overtake and slowing down
  4. Use your co-driver and passengers as your assistance to check your surrounding (Jangan la asyik tengok phone je)
  5. Avoid using mobile devices or some unnecessary action while driving; do it while you’re stationary
  6. Sleep for a bit if you’re too sleepy
  7. Be quick and not too slow
  8. If you miss a turn, just turnaround in the next possible u-turn
  9. and most importantly, plan your journey


All in all, it’s up to us to make this festive season a time that we want to cherish instead of being involved in any unwanted incident. Be safe on the road and think about getting to the destination not how fast you’re there. From all of us in Malaysian Riders, we wish you the best of holiday and Salam Aidilfitri to all.


all images are property of author which is not Malaysian Riders. Source: Internet

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