Triumph in Moto2: The Motorcyle Not The Bra


What an opening statement eh? It’s not everyday that you got to see in a motoring or motorsports article where a prolific brand of motorcycle being mentioned alongside a bra. Well enough with that, we haven’t really shed our opinion on the announcement made by Dorna when Triumph motorcycle successfully signed to be the official engine supplier for the Moto2 class beginning 2019. It’s true, 2 years from now we will be hearing a very distinctive different notes to the roars of the Moto2 racing bikes.


A raced tuned inline three engine will be utilized for the job beginning the new season in 2019 and we’ll be expecting to see the bike being tested by the riders and teams between the middle and the end of next season. Of course, the engine wont be the same as the production going machine as the demand needed by the Moto2 class is just a step above the rest. The new motor will be able to rev harder and breathe better to accommodate the high intensity of it’s operation. What’s interesting for us to see will be; how much different it will give to the current Honda powered Moto2 machine. Will we see a huge leap in lap times or will it change the dynamic of the race as the character in an inline 3 engine is a bit different to that of an inline 4 as being utilized by Honda.


Triumph motorcycle is no stranger to the world of racing as it has been involved spanning more than a century through it’s history. Imagine that people, more than 100 years of technical know how in the world of racing; no wonder they created such great bikes to ride on the road. Our experience with Triumph is very minimal and the one and only moment we got to test one was when we made a film for the Yamaha MT-09. We must say, it was such a lovely bike to ride. Hopefully, all these great things will eventually translates into a much better performance for the Moto2 class and ultimately gives us the motorcycle racing fans a greater treat to watch the race. Moto2, is the middleweight or the intermediate class of motorcycle racing in the MotoGP series; Hafizh Syahrin and Khairul Idham Pawi are the two national riders who are currently competing in the class.

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