JPJ: Why are They Even …?


Now what exactly is JPJ and why are they even here? Bear in mind that this writing is merely a discussion and a splash of thoughts on Malaysia’s governing body of transportation; known as Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan or Road Transport Department Malaysia. So our main talking points here today will be, why are they even here? Their roles? Contribution? and are they still relevant or beneficial for our society? This will be a short discussion but we believe there are more to it that we can uncover or learn in time. So let’s get down to the business.

In a simple way, JPJ are responsible to undertake the registration and licensing of drivers and all motorized vehicles in Malaysia which works directly according to the “Road Transport Act of 1987. It operates under the ministry of transportation Malaysia under the division of land based transports. So that’s who they are and from that alone maybe you could agree that we can guess what kind of roles are they playing here in Malaysia. Basically, they are meant to enforce and regulate the vehicles and its operators along with keeping the efficiency and safety of the traffic. But are they really?


This is where we really want to dig in, the contribution of JPJ to our society in total. No doubt that they have been the backbone to the land transportation structure here in Malaysia; but is there anything missing from that contribution? Aside from making sure every vehicles and drivers operates according to the law, is there anything else that they might want to look into apart from enforcement of rules and such. Because at this point, we are seeing a pattern that they are only providing means but not the more important part of channeling their knowledge as enforcers to the public. Wait, what are we talking about?

They are the issuers of license, permits, and so on; but when it comes to the amount of incidents and fatalities on the road it never seems to relate with them. Now we are not pointing fingers to the JPJ as the cause of our high rates of incidents an fatalities; but they sure are of those in power that can help reduce it (Takkan Malaysian Riders pulak kena buat). What are we talking about? Education and cultivation of the right driving and riding culture here in Malaysia. From all the things that they release out for the population and some of the more exclusive things like exotic plate numbers which garnered lots of moola; why can’t they spare a portion of it for a more positive things in the interest of drivers well being?


See this is where their relevancy comes in question from us in Malaysian Riders. With all that enforcement and issuance, isn’t there anything else that they can do to help making our road safer? Everything good starts with education not punishments. There are plenty of bad notions being exchanged among us saying this and that of the JPJ. Even if all of it is true, why can’t we have a more proper program to ensure our drivers and riders to be more proficient at what they are doing. Right now, if we are to drive or ride on the street; we are bound to meet those who are so incapable of driving which not only can cause accidents but they are also the major cause of road congestion here in Malaysia.

Once again, this is only a mere discussion on the topic of JPJ for a deeper justification of their existence. We are not saying that we are correct in all of our opinions and views, but something out of this may lead to a better cause. We’re hoping to hear on what you as a reader think about this and maybe we share our views and help make things better. We wouldn’t want JPJ to go away. No they are too important to suddenly disappear (heh) but we would like to see an improvement and enhancement to their existence here in our motoring society. We will be back to discuss on this matter in the future as we learn more and more about them and maybe, if we can; we will have quick recorded chat with the man in charge himself.

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