Modenas: Gaining Traction?

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With the anticipation of the recently launched Modenas Pulsar NS200 and the RS200 (not to forget the V15), our team has been discussing with a few acquaintance to see if the new model has given Modenas it’s much needed boost. We haven’t really went to Modenas officially for this as it is still too early to attain their numbers, but we’ve talked around the much closer market player to this probe; and they are the motorcycle dealerships around us.

As soon as we open up the question about how Modenas are currently doing in the nation with their new products; these motorcycle dealers begins to smile and we think they already have an idea to where this is going. Ever since the launch of the Modenas NS200 and RS200, we haven’t really seen a single specimen being ridden on the road. How can this be after the very warm welcome that it has from the public announcement by all the medias here in Malaysia. This was the reason why we got down to business and starts our sort of “journalism” work to find out the answer.

Our trip to the dealers opens up a new perspective to our inquiries. Initially, we thought that the traditional cause to Modenas new bikes lack of presence were due to the public’s lack of interest in parting ways with their money for one. Although that is not entirely wrong but these dealerships that we met with told us a different story. It wasn’t much due to the interest of consumers that makes the bike lacking of presence at the moment, it’s actually the shortage of stocks being provided by Modenas to the dealers. Forget about the small dealerships, if the bigger establishment wouldn’t put a huge bulk order for it; that certainly wont encourage purchase of these new models.

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This situation however; won’t stay as it is for a long time as slowly market adoption to Modenas’ new venture with Bajaj will surely gain traction and helps the brand capture a little bit of it’s loss market share over the years. Come to think of it, they never really had a portion of the share in the new segment they’re venturing in now. We have spoken to a few soon to be owners of the new Modenas NS200 and RS200, they have expressed to us their doubts in the models but after reading over some professional reviews and spending some time with it; they felt that it might be just the bike they were looking for from Modenas. All that they say was, it’s worth to be invested in and no harm in loving the local brand a little even if it’s not to the level that we’re hoping for.

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