Boon Siew Honda Introduces New Honda BeAT 2017


PENANG, 16 November – Boon Siew Honda (BSH) is proud to officially introduce the new Honda BeAT 2017, which comes with new graffiti stripes, cater to provide all young scooter enthusiasts a more stylish and reliable ride.

The new Honda BeAT features graffiti-themed stripe graphics on the bodywork, with two-tone colours. The new 14-inch alloy wheels are shod with tubeless tyres for better puncture resistance. The scooter comes in four colour options: Space Magenta Metallic, a new colour, Vital Metallic Blue, Pearl Magellanic Black and Viva City Red. With the new scooter, BSH aims to capture and secure more market share among the youngsters.


According to Boon Siew Honda’s Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Nobuhide Nagata, “Last year, BSH launched Honda BeAT that is targeting to the youngsters’ market. Now, we have upgraded its outlook with new colour choice and improvements on stripes. Not only the safety features of this scooter make it suitable for students who are commuting on daily basis but the upgraded look also makes it cooler for them to ride on.”

The new Honda BeAT remained as one of the best safety technology scooter. Similar to its predecessor, the new Honda BeAT comes with the Combi Brake System (CBS) which is an unique feature to BSH’s motorcycle. This system allows shorter breaking distance, translating into more control by riders over their vehicles, placing safety as first priority, on the road.

The new Honda BeAT also has a Smart Lock System, which keep brakes locked for safe starting or parking, avoiding accidental acceleration in traffic. There is also a Side Stand Switch, automatically stopping the engine once engaged for safety. The Honda BeAT is powered with ESP engine using low-friction technologies for improved output efficiency. It also comes with PGM-FI fuel injection, a fuel saving technology that allows riders to travel further with minimum fuel consumption. Apart from all the quality technologies, Honda BeAT was the first scooter to achieve EEV standards in Malaysia, playing a part in minimizing carbon footprints on the environment.


BSH is optimistic of the market’s reception for this new Honda BeAT and expects to increase the youngsters’ market share from 24% to 34%.

The new Honda BeAT is priced at RM5,724 (showroom price, inclusive of GST).


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