Kawasaki Malaysia Launches Road Riding Course


It is no secret that the increased amount of 2 wheels vehicle on the public roads here in Malaysia is in the state of growing and rapidly multiplying due to it’s economical and trending appearance. Regardless of the size, the motorcycle user however faced the highest risk of getting involved in an accidents be it self-caused or by others. Our organization; Malaysian Riders, had witnessed this increment of fatalities among riders in real time throughout our existence and finds it worrying as the trend hasn’t start it’s descend.

Following this major issue, some motorcycle manufacturer had taken their steps to encourage it’s customers towards a more positive and better riding attitude. A recent act by Kawasaki Motors Malaysia proves to be a step towards the better for the riding scene here in Malaysia; especially when it comes to a bigger capacity machine that they are well known for. Kawasaki has been a great brand here in Malaysia with a strong presence and market capitalization across the above 250cc motorcycle market. In their latest effort, the big green has launched their responsible riding course for the Malaysian market in cooperation with Kawasaki Heavy Industries of Japan and it’s subsidiary KTEC Japan.


The riding course is a first of its kind for any nation outside of Japan and Malaysia has become the first to adapt the program. Kawasaki Motors Malaysia’s own personnel has undergone a rigorous training regime in Japan by the principle in preparation for Malaysia’s own program. The riding course is open for all Kawasaki’s owners with a valid bike and the right riding gears. They may attend the course in which they will need to use their own motorcycle in doing so. In collaboration and direction with the local authorities and government bodies; the program is set to be a well recognized course which ensures a proper knowledge and training being given to its participants.

From our perspective, it’s about time that each manufacturers here in Malaysia provide such course to their customers in order to further educate them about the importance of riding in the right way. We applaud the effort taken by Kawasaki here as they understands the standing of their brand in which they represent most of the bigger capacity machine here in Malaysia. It is also a chance for customers to be closer with Kawasaki Malaysia and shares on their passion with the maker itself. More details of the program may be obtain in the future as it rolls out in 2018; for that we encourage you to follow Kawasaki Malaysia on their portals and social media.

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