Khairul Idham Pawi: Steady Improvement

Not much has been said about our riders from the last weekend’s race in Austria. Hafizh, Adam and of course Khairul all finish their race outside of the point. Once the darling of Malaysian 2 wheels motorsports after winning not one but two races in his debut year in Moto3; Khairul Idham Pawi has since been quite “forgotten” by most of 2 wheels racing fans here in Malaysia.

But the media proves to be no better than the rest; when most major media platforms didn’t touch much on him. Khairul was without a doubt a great jewel of a rider from our nation to be competing at the international level; but his short stint in Moto3 and their decision to put him quickly to Moto2 certainly proves to be a difficult transition for the Perakian (state of Perak) boy.

2018 has been a very tough and brutal season in the Moto2 championship and it certainly not an easy place to be in. Our boy Khairul on board his Honda Team Asia’s Moto2 bike has been steadily improving his riding and enjoying a much competitive ride this year. In Austria, Khairul finishes just outside the final point behind his team mate Nagashima.

This is a worthy point to be discussed and focused on by motoring fans here as Khairul may just be our next rider to be on a MotoGP bike alongside Hafizh Syahrin. Riding with the Honda Team Asia, Khairul surely has been collecting invaluable experience to navigate his way in the sport with a much smaller team compared to some of the powerhouse of the championship. Looking at the way his weekend progresses, we can say that Khairul is just getting better at setting up his bike to his needs in the race weekend.

This is absolutely important aside from having the much needed skills to ride a bike around the track as fast as you can. Khairul’s growing maturity in his work comes at an almost critical time of his career in racing. The sports will always demand for results for the sake of progress, so that more sponsors and investors of a team can put their trust on their prospects to pursue better results. But this calls for great support and attention by the fans and media towards the personality in focus; in this case, it’s Khairul Idham Pawi or better known as KIP.

With his steady improvement, we are calling for more and more people to show their support for the rider. This will help the team to gain the much needed support to keep developing the rider. We would like to express our support for Khairul Idham Pawi and may he inch closer to a top 10 finish in the 2018 Moto2 races. The MotoGP camp will next be in Great Britain for round 12 of the championship.

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