Since the first introduction of Kawasaki Genuine Oil (KGO) las year November 2018, Kawasaki Motors (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd launches a new product line up with higher grade lubricant during MotoGP Sepang last Sunday.

The launch ceremony was held between Kawasaki Motors (Malaysia) and Idemitsu Lube (Malaysia) attended by En. Ahmad Faez bin Tan Sri Yahaya, Executive Chairman of Kawasaki Motors (Malaysia) and Mr Shin Obata, Managing Director of Idemitsu Lube (Malaysia).

The 2 new products being introduced were KGO Torq R7 (4T Fully Synthetic SAE 10W 40 API SN) and KGO TorqR9 (4T fully synthetic SAE 10W 50 API SN).  Both products come with 100% PAO base oil content.  Polyalphaolefin (PAO) is by far the ost common major synthetic base oil used in industrial and automotive lubricants.  Lubracation properties of Polyalphaolefin (PAO) is chemically designed to withstand high degree og temperature and stress without sacrifice performance of the engine.


“The introduction of KGO Torq R7 and R9 with 100% PAO base oil products are intended to target at customer with higher performance machine and clocking high travelling mileage for each riding destination.  With the 100% Pao’s content, the viscosity index is relative high and translate into better engine performance with lowest friction to the engine.  Its also offers maximum protection to engine by reducing oxidation.  These 2 products Fully Synthetic Oil are superior quality and specially blended formulation that provides maximum engine performance and protection” said En. Ahmad Faez bin Tan Sri Yahaya, Executive Chairman of Kawasaki Motors Malaysia.

KMSB Kawasaki is providing Kawasaki bike owner a better lubricant choice by introduce a premium grade frome its existing product line up.  En Ahmad Faez further comment that these 2 new lubricants are specially blend for higher cc engine capacity, superior quality and its sell at a reasonable price.  The recommended retail price for KGO Torq R7 is RM76.00 per bottle and KGO Torq R9 is RM78.00  per bottle (1 litre).

Picture credit: Roda-Roda / iPantas


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