TYGA Performance Kuala Lumpur

Today was quite a historical day for our little  motorcycle scene in Malaysia, especially for riders or bikers in Kuala Lumpur. “Malaysian Riders” once again was very fortunate to be able to join this historical event and we are always excited in being able to share our experience back to our viewers.

Most of us might be very new to TYGA Performance and TYGA would agree themselves that they are very new in the Malaysian market. Despite the fact, TYGA Performance actually has been around since 1998 and always have been very active in manufacturing aftermarket parts and their involvement in motorsports. This year set the year where TYGA will be directly involve with Moto2 and Moto3.

Today marks the first time TYGA Performance being officially available for our local markets. As for now, anyone interested for their products can visit their store or garage itself in Jalan Ampang, nearby Sayfol International School. Stay tune with our MalaysianRidersTV’s presenter Fariedz for his visit to TYGA Performance Kuala Lumpur.

Visit TYGA Performance Here

and visit our MALAYSIAN RIDERS TV here


  1. Kulaiti brand TYGA ni memabg bermutu tinggi
    Harga pulak mmg mampu milik jika nak dibandingkan dengan harga yg diberikan
    Performance mmg mantap!!!

  2. tak semua barang mampu milik.. cover PV yg ada salur pembuangan lebihan minyak RSrgv250 tyga saja berharga hampir 700+-.. terlalu mahal kalau nk di bandingkan dgn oem pv cover yg sama type juga. harap dpt revise balik price tu

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