BMW to Join MotoGP

The “Beemer” in the world championship? This sounds fun and undoubtedly will be a welcome add on into the world of MotoGP to add in extra fun and competitions among manufacturers that has been dominating the MotoGP for quite some time.

In a recent press presentation by BMW for their new lines of scooters models at the W Hotel in Barcelona last week as quoted from MotoGP News, the President of BMW Motorrad decided to point out the possibility for the German auto giant to be involve in MotoGP.

image credited to original source

The S1000RR has become a major success for BMW in their journey in making a superbike and being very competitive too in all kind of racing. Therefore, with the new rules and regulation in the MotoGP it is possible for the Beemer to be making the line up soon.

Whatever the decision is by BMW in joining the MotoGP, Malaysian Riders always take it as a positive addition for the motorsport as it may push the sports a bit more in becoming a much more entertaining and competitive racing.


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